Live stream olympics

How to live stream the Olympics on your computer

Live stream olympics

To approach the Olympics Rio de Janeiro, and in the midst of the recent spate of terrorist attacks in the world, the Brazilian authorities increased security around the sports mega-event and denied 11,000 suspicious requests for accreditation.

According to a report of the program Fantástico, Globo TV, he revealed Center integrated counter-terrorism Brazilian blocked those credentials for various reasons, but 40 belong to foreigners on which there are alerts from international intelligence agencies, and four of them, with links checked with terrorist groups.

In addition, were denied them accreditations to 61 citizens Brazilian that have orders of arrest issued for other reasons. The authorities declined to give details or nationalities or the charges weighing on all these individuals.

“We did a sweep in all national data banks and also in the field of international cooperation,” said curator Andrei Rodrigues, Special Secretary of security for major events, it coordinates measurements with the armed forces, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency and police.

In the unpublished Center integrated anti-terrorism will participate together with their pairs Brazilian agents of intelligence of United States, Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Paraguay and the Argentina. They will also have information coming from more than 100 countries.

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The concern by the security during them games increased significantly the week last, after the attack with a truck in the city French of Nice, where died 84 people and more than 300 were injured. The President of Brazil, Michel fear, ordered an emergency security meeting to reassess the originally designed security operation (consisting of 85.000 soldiers) and has decided to implement new measures to prevent a similar attack, with further blockades of roads, personal checks and other restrictions.

In addition, yesterday traveled to France a representative of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency for further information on the attack in Nice, live stream by the Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a man with mental problems which nevertheless was recognized by the Group Islamic State as one of its “soldiers”.

As part of the preparations for the games, hotels, museums, janitors, security public servants as well as volunteers already launched training courses to be more alert to suspicious situations or people.

Insofar as, it agency national of aviation Civil (ANAC) put also up new rules of security more rigorous in those airports for flights domestic, virtual private networks were able to give users access to this kind of content, now that the Olympics are finished you can always look for the best vpn services for 2017 if you want to start the year browsing the internet anonymously and securing your connection, that replicated them already established from makes years for flights international.

Now passengers flying within Brazil will be subject to manual revisions of their luggage on board and themselves if so necessary agents and must withdraw their bags computers and other electronic devices before they pass through the x-ray equipment.

Due to them new inspections of security, the terminals of them major airports of the country suffered long rows of expected and there were many flights delayed. ANAC asked travelers who now arrive at the airport two hours before a domestic flight, at least until everyone gets used to the new situation.

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